Defrosting Guide

For the best cooking results, we recommend thawing the meat fully before cooking, as cooking meat directly from frozen can lead to uneven cooking and affect the texture and flavor. Follow these defrosting guidelines for the best cooking and dining experience!

Premium Pork Belly (Thin Cut), 1 lb total - 3~4 hrs in the fridge
Wagyu Thinly Sliced Brisket, 1 lb total - 3~4 hrs in the fridge

All other unmarinated and marinated meats, 1-1.5 lb packs - Overnight or 8hrs in the fridge

  • 1. Industry Standards, Top Quality

    Freezing is standard practice in meat distribution. For us, it is essential as it is how we ensure we bring you the finest meats from across the continent.

  • 2. Korean BBQ Magic

    Korean BBQ is renowned for its thinly sliced meats, found in dishes like bulgogi and galbi. To achieve these precise cuts, the meat has to be at least partially frozen.

  • 3. Marinate & Freeze

    We slice, marinate, then flash-freeze our meats. This rapid freezing method locks in the marinade’s flavor without over-marinating.

  • 4. Always Fresh:

    We keep things close to the source and expertly handle every step. With our 30 years in premium KBBQ meat, freshness and top quality are what you get with Kmeatbox.

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