Kmeatbox Galbi: Unrivaled Quality

Our Galbi is crafted from the finest rib cuts and marinated in a time-honored recipe. Our meticulous preparation ensures each piece is expertly cleaned and free of bone chips, delivering a consistently flavorful and tender BBQ delight. Find out more below.

Premium Rib Cuts

Kmeatbox's Galbi features only the finest American born, raised, and harvested beef, specifically using ribs #6-8 from the mid-section for optimal tenderness and flavor.

Expertly Cut & Cleaned

Kmeatbox ensures excellence with sharp, precise cuts and thorough cleaning, guaranteeing bone chip-free, high-quality Galbi.

Natural Ingredients, Local Sourcing

Our marinade combines natural sweetness and Korean pears for
tenderizing, enhanced by locally-sourced garlic and sesame oil for
authentic flavor.

Great Value!

Each $22.99 pack of Galbi contains at least 1 lb of meat and comes out to 4-5 slabs of short ribs. This photo shows the contents of one Galbi pack.

Freezer-Safe & Convenient

Our vacuum-packed Galbi maintains peak quality for up to 3 months in the freezer. Defrost and cook Galbi in minutes for instant enjoyment. Stock up now!

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