Direct from the Source

Kmeatbox is operated by GMM, an established wholesale supplier of premium meats to restaurants and butchers in the New York City area. Our entrenched relationships with the best ranches and farms enables us to cut through traditional distribution layers to give you direct access to premium quality meats.

  • Ethical Sourcing

    We partner with farms that prioritize animal welfare and sustainable practices, ensuring that you receive ethically sourced meat every time.

  • Weight Transparency

    We provide the exact net weight of the meat in each of our marinated meat packs to ensure clarity and transparency.

  • Freshness Guaranteed

    Our streamlined supply chain ensures that the meat you receive is always fresh, retaining its natural flavors and nutrients.

  • Crescent Duckling

    Crescent Duckling, specializing in premium duck, is renowned for its
    quality and sustainable farming. Their ducks are raised for superior tenderness and flavor, making them a favorite among culinary experts for exceptional duck dishes.

  • Certified Duroc

    A supplier specializing in the Duroc breed of pigs, Certified Duroc Prime Pork is known for its high-quality pork products. The Duroc breed is renowned for its superior meat quality, tenderness, and flavorful profile, making Certified Duroc Prime Pork a preferred choice for many culinary experts.

  • Imperial Wagyu

    A testament to quality and taste, Imperial American Wagyu Beef is not just any beef. The product features exceptional marbling, sourced from cattle that are raised with care. Every bite promises a "Wow" experience, making it a top choice for chefs and gourmands alike.

  • Mugifuji Pork

    Mugifuji Buta Pork is recognized as a Canadian brand. Known for its premium quality pork products, Mugifuji Buta Pork blends traditional techniques with modern practices to deliver meat that stands out in flavor and texture.

  • Kuro Wagyu

    Kuro Wagyu believes in premium quality that they know consumers will love. Their premium wagyu is never treated with hormones and is raised on a grain-fed diet for more than 300 days to ensure each cut is
    abundantly marbled to grade for consistently rich and buttery quality.