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Choosing your KBBQ experience is straightforward with Kmeatbox. We offer a variety of favorites exclusively ร  la carte, allowing you to handpick exactly what you crave for a personalized and delightful culinary adventure.

Delivered with Care, Right to Your Doorstep

Kmeatbox ensures your selected premium cuts arrive securely at your door. Our boxes are packaged with care and we use overnight shipping to ensure freshness. Open up to a new world of authentic Korean BBQ!

Spicy Marinated Duck (Boneless) - Kmeatbox

Quick Cook, Savor Anytime

With Kmeatbox, authentic KBBQ experience is always within reach. Our meats are expertly prepared and ready-to-cook, ensuring that you can dive into a gourmet meal swiftly. And if plans change? No worries. Just freeze them and enjoy flavorful Korean BBQ for up to three months.

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